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Gresley Abas Architects was established in 2004 by Philip Gresley and Ahmad Abas with a desire to generate an architectural practice committed to the elevation of the cultural & environmental significance of architecture & the built realm. The practice operates across a diverse range of fields informed by the experience & aspirations of its founding directors. These fields include civic buildings, residential projects, major public art commissions, international design & ideas competitions, urban design & masterplan studies.

The practice has grown to a team of 17 and remains committed to providing a professional service for all its clients in the production of quality sustainable environments.

Who is involved?

Directors: Ahmad Abas and Philip Gresley
Associate Directors: Alex Quin, Lisa McGann and Tanya Jones

Perth is seen as an emerging city, especially in creative industries – do you feel like there are more opportunities in WA right now?

The exodus of creative talent away from here to ‘cooler’ places seems less ubiquitous than it used to be. It’s actually a pretty tough time in a lot of other places at the moment: so for now, Perth seems like a good place to start-up and make something happen.

How does local context (Social, Cultural, Environmental) affect your work?

Our work is very much a reflection and response to all these things. Every project starts with some basic principles that are moulded and moderated by the context of all these three elements.

Where is your favourite hometown spot?

Ocean edge, 7am, easterly, water like glass.

What are your favourite local buildings?

The good ones. Modernists houses leftover in the suburbs, the perth concert hall, hale school memorial hall (before it was painted)

-Answers by Ahmad Abas-