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JCY Architects and Urban Designers


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JCY is an internationally recognised wholly Western Australian owned architectural practice focused on providing the highest quality built-form outcomes for a broad range of clients within both the public and private sectors.
The company has produced sustainable and innovative solutions for an extensive range of projects of varying architectural typologies that eschew a trademark style or response.
JCY seeks to provide a unique and appropriate design response to every project, with liveability, longevity, durability and excellent design being of paramount importance. JCY has worked in urban, rural and remote areas of Australia as well as in Malaysia, New Zealand and Japan, where our skills and design excellence have been sought by numerous clients.


How and when did your studio begin?

JCY Architects and Urban Designers can trace our beginnings prior to 1995 in our previous identity as PCECJ (Philip Cox Etherington Coulter & Jones). In 1995 with the departure of two of the directors, PCECJ was rebranded as Jones Coulter Young Pty Ltd and later established the name it carries today.

In 2009 JCY relocated from their long-standing address in Perth CBD to a warehouse that better suited the needs of the practice and helped stimulate our studio environment. The former warehouse was converted into a large open plan premise reflective of the practice’s innovative and design-oriented business. A large mezzanine floor space occupies the architectural studio and workstations opening the ground floor to formal and informal meeting areas and flexible spaces for design workshops, informal gatherings, and presentations. The studio interior design deliberately reflects the former industrial warehouse ‘edge’, with exposed steel roof trusses, industrial mesh balustrading and the original concrete floors reflecting the past life of the building.

Who is involved?

Like many creative industry businesses, the JCY studio has evolved over time and with each new phase, the new, young and talented join the experienced and long term team members and the studio constantly evolves ensuring excellence, stability and continuity with a rich foundation to develop exciting opportunities with our projects and relationships. JCY Architects studio is led by three Directors; Andrew Rogerson, Scott McConn and Ian Hart and three Principals; Glenn Russell, Will Thomson, Paul Steed and Design Principal, Libby Guj, along with 16 architectural and support staff.
JCY has established a strong design orientated studio culture, built on our achievements that have always been exemplified by the extraordinary teams that have been at the core of the practice.

Where do you find inspiration for studio?  Are there any local ones?

JCY’s approach to architecture is founded on the acknowledgment of people, place, ecology, buildability, and flexibility in all our designs and that every brief, site, and building is unique in this approach.
This design philosophy understands that every building effects society and that the built environment must be more responsive to our end users. It recognizes the importance of sense of place and how the built environment can celebrate its culture, customs, history, and climate and can contribute to building community, grounding building to site, place and its people. It identifies that our world is in a period of diminishing resources and the built environment must reflect our interest in minimizing both the impact on our ecology and the consumption of energy; that our buildings must be environmentally sensitive to the landscape and sense of place and be ecologically sustainable. Our design philosophy embodies a clear understanding that the architecture must reflect the way a building is to be built; the character, the robustness, the tactility, the lifecycle cost and the maintenance of each project is fundamental to its durability.

Materiality is selected suited to purpose, durability and to compliment architectural expression.

Perth is seen as an emerging city, particularly for creative industries - do you feel like there are more opportunities in WA right now?

Perth has changed dramatically over the last decade, in particular to our creative industries and architectural design. There is far greater acknowledgment to the importance of good design and the value of this on a continually growing city like Perth and we are only at the beginning of greater change and opportunities for this city.
The Perth City Link project, Yagan Square and the greater development of our city waterfront and the finely crafted infill designs will contribute to developing and shaping this city, its vibrancy and will plant the seeds to a greater appreciation for design in WA.

What do you think makes working in Western Australia unique?

WA is still ‘young’ in development and Perth is a city ripe for potential to be an attractive, vibrant and livable city. It is fortunate to experience idealistic weather conditions conducive to our love of the outdoors and attractive lifestyle ingredients. Western Australia’s beautiful coastline and unique landscape is the perfect lure to tourism and we are growing culturally to feed this increased attraction to the world traveler.
This recognition to the world stage also requires an increased awareness to what makes a ‘place’ attractive and the need to foster good design opportunities as part of that development of place; this comes through the nurturing of local design culture and greater debate and evaluation of design with designers, architects, urban designers, developers and governing authorities’ with the intent of achieving greater outcomes in design.
Western Australia is in the gestation of this open discourse… thinking about how we shape our city and how we shape our state.

What kind of projects is the studio known for?

JCY has a broad market presence in a wide variety of architectural sectors; Education, Training, Health, Transport, Sport & Recreation, Hospitality, Retail, Residential, Commercial, Cultural, Tourism, Urban Planning and Master Planning.
Our more recently completed signature projects have been focused on the multi-residential, health and education sectors but fluctuate depending on market economy demand, government spending and developer’s vision.

What should we expect to see from the studio in the future?

The future, like the past, will undoubtedly be filled with a strong mix of opportunities and challenges. JCY has always welcomed opportunities to grow its knowledge, experience and depth whilst remaining fresh and responsive to the ever changing world, our clients and environments.
This mix of experience and JCY’s exploration of innovation is what has been our greatest asset and one shared by the teams and individuals who have achieved so much to date and who continue to lead JCY into the future.

Photography by Rob Ramsay and Damian Hatton

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