Boranup House


Boranup House


MORQ Architecture / @morqarchitecture 


Eco Con

“If we could live on the site in a tent, we would.” The simple statement summarizes the aspirations for a family house on the forested site. Our design response is best described by A.Johnson&R.Black’s review of this project in ‘Living in the Landscape’ (T&H2016): “In this architecture, landscape and building is brought into sharp focus through a dynamic choreography of movement, space, and view (...) Stepping down and following the terrain, the resulting interior spaces are fluid and charged by the continuous presence of the forest (...) the experience of being inside a tent under the protective covering, and then funneling a view out to the landscape”. Their review concludes on the notion of architecture as background – central to our work: “This house reads as a sculptural and volumetric object, yet receding into the shadowy backdrop of the forested edge - the building form elusive and indeed ambiguous”.

Words by MORQ Architecture

All images by Giulio Aristide

//DesignWA Special Feature in support of the 2017 WA Architecture Awards//