Florida Beach House


Florida Beach House


Dawesville, WA

Design Team

Iredale Pedersen Hook

iredalepedersenhook.com // @iredalepedersenhook // Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects

Located at Florida Beach Dawesville, this design emphasises and focuses on the immense Ocean. This is a modern day holiday house only one hour from the capital and surrounded by the new sprawling suburbia. We are interested in the past and rapidly disappearing holiday homes that once dominated the nearby landscape, houses that embodied the weekender experience designed with restraint, economy, and robustness.

Our reference point for the design was found in a sketch by the great Danish architect Jorn Utzon, an image of people congregating on the beach under the dense, stormy Copenhagen sky. Uzton translated this into the section of a church creating a mystical interior; we translated this into the section of a holiday house that intensifies the experience of the ocean.

The section undulates in relationship to the plan form; each space includes an undulation that is eventually revealed at the beachside as a series of undulations connecting the living, dining and kitchen spaces to the dynamic ocean environment. The section extrudes from the beach end to the street side, spaces that do not contain a direct view to the ocean maintain the memory of the ocean view through the continuing section.

External cladding is a strictly controlled ribbon of uncut compressed fibre cement (CFC) sheeting and rough sawn plywood panels, the plywood inhabit the deck spaces and the CFC provides a durable exterior to storm exposed areas. This material restraint references the past holiday homes. While the exterior is tactile and articulated the interior is smooth and sculptured with subtle variations of white paint colour and gloss levels differentiating interior elements and reflecting the exterior.

A continuous band of high performance glass articulates the wall cladding from the roof, the roof overhang is carefully sized to exclude summer sun and admit low-level winter sun. The stretched western overhang excludes the low level sun allowing the occupants to engage in comfort with the setting sun.

Constructed almost entirely of plantation pine timber, prefabricated and transported to Florida, the raw structure appeared like the carcass of a great whale. The use of steel is minimised to a few select areas where thin columns support the dense undulating roof creating tension in the context of the ocean view

Words by Iredale Pederson Hook.