House B


House B


Dalkeith, WA

Design Team

Sandy Anghie Architect // @sandy_anghie.architect 

Designed alongside House A, House B was conceptualised to challenge the norm of large houses on quarter acre blocks. Rather than creating mirrored houses, Architect Sandy Anghie used the distinctive landscape components to construct individuality for each project. House B took into consideration it's western facing site along with the level of natural light available to create an open and spacious home despite its narrow lot. 

Drawing inspiration for the houses that make up Dalkeith, Sandy 's concept of design used for House B could offer a sensitive channel of introduction to how increased density can be achieved throughout some of the older suburbs surrounding Perth. 

House B can be broken down into a basic "C" shape design planned around a central courtyard. Maximising the garden, and garden outlooks, was important for this build and it's location- integration of a courtyard in the single level plan ensures all interior spaces have a connection to the garden, northern light, and natural ventilation. 

The "C" shaped plan also allows division of the house into two distinct zones (living and bedroom) connected by a spine running along the eastern boundary which contains services and a corridor which acts as a gallery.

"The most important aspect of the brief was for all living spaces to be accommodated on a single level."

The project can be seen to be built to the boundary on one side, enabling the design to maximise the width of the projects and therefore:

-Maximise access to northern light throughout the house;

- Maximise access to south westerly breezes throughout the house;

- Enable the creation of high-quality interior spaces; and

- Enable the creation of high-quality exterior spaces.

As part of a sustainable design approach, Sandy Anghie also incorporated passive solar design principles, natural ventilation strategies, high levels of thermal insulation,  and provisions for further solar power collections into the build. 

"Currently 98.6% of houses in Dalkeith are single houses on quarter acre blocks, with the remaining 1.4% being older style duplexes – other than an apartment building currently under construction on Waratah Avenue...while many people in Dalkeith have been reluctant to embrace development in the past, the house provides an example of how increased density can be achieved in a sensitive form – with care taken to ensure that the house is sympathetic to its neighbourhood and context."

All images by Dion Robeson