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Moreing Rd




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The well-finished nature of these spaces, the use of stained timber detailing inside and out, the stonework and deciduous plantings all contribute to a uniquely modern home that the owners feel has the essence of the timeless, mid-century design that inspired its creation."

The Moreing Road project started as a series of conversations and sketches inspired by a home commissioned in the early 1950s by the actor Gary Cooper and built in Hollywood Hills by the prolific LA architect Quincy Jones. The outcome is a design that accommodates and contains family life within three zones: formal, informal and alfresco. The three zones represented respectively by the grand fire place, the cantilevered mezzanine and the outdoor courtyard, are strongly distinguished from one another yet are connected to each other visually. This allows an already generous space to seem even more spacious and ensures the spaces are well used. The distinctive but visually connected spaces also supply the possibility for individual activities to be pursued without isolation from the main activity or other family members.

When was the project completed? How long did it take?


Who was involved?

Ben Mountford - Principal and Director
Mark Petley - Architect
Emilie Suen

All images by Stephen Nicholls Photography