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Oak Grove



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The architecture of Oak Grove negotiates a meaningful contemporary response within highly saturated physical and conceptual parameters.

For cost efficiency the project involves two identical rectangular houses placed at ninety degrees to one another creating a garden setting that brings the feeling of the large street trees into the site. Each house has the same folded front façade derived from the site’s slightly angular orientation to north, with different alternate facets protruding, openable, glazed or solid, giving all habitable spaces flexible cross ventilation, north orientation and connection to outside.

Both inside and out, the entirely timber-framed structure is also exposed in places, enrichening the multilayered architectural textures, rhythms, and scales of the buildings. These patchwork assemblages are accordingly integral to the building fabric, with interior compositions tailored to the immediate purpose of the interfaces to each space.

With the uncertainty of how a development project will be occupied, this scheme is an environmentally sensitive, flexible and tactile background for living that unashamedly but humbly fits in with and shares the aspirations of its client and context.

Project Size

485 m2

Completion Date


All images by Shannon McGrath

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