Studio Garage


Studio Garage



Krisna Cheung Architects // @krisnacheungstudio 

This two-storey garage and studio located in inner-city Melbourne was created out of a desire for a modern workspace that blended with its surrounds, with the main design challenge stemming from the extension of a double-story wall of the small studio. 

The key design choice was to turn the external wall into a non-structural, semi-translucent facade made of white, wavy polystyrene sheeting to imbue visual softness to an otherwise stark flat surface. The facade also acts as a canvas for the shadows of tree branches to play across throughout the day in the manner of a Japanese ink painting. The stairwell was placed between the false wall and the actual wall of the studio and stairwell lights controllable from the main house creates a soft, backlit lantern effect at night

In an attempt to avoid a sense of overwhelming monolith, elements of the landscape were studied and used to incorporate the wall into its environment- enabling a gentle blend with the sky and garden.

"The project provided us an opportunity to explore a different typology of dwelling that provides so much more flexibilities within a limited space. It can be a rented as a separate dwelling with its own entry or an office or a spare bedroom/extra space when guests visit".

About the Architects

Krisna Cheung Architects is a family grown and driven studio based in Melbourne. Their work is inspired by intricate moments and everyday growth which they hope to share with their clients.


All images by Wei Wei