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Designed and built for an owner who wanted a small home that made the most of light and space on a small block, this steel and timber-framed project employed efficient design and construction techniques to provide open plan living over two levels. The upstairs bedroom, bathroom and study have deliberately been designed to take advantage of the views of the trees on the block while a downstairs bedroom and bathroom have been designed with the owner’s eventual ageing in mind. The high ceilinged living space opens directly to the north and uses cross ventilation, thermal massing, and sun shading devices to achieve desired levels of thermal comfort.

Now completed, the home is a distinctive addition to the streetscape and has been affectionately dubbed the boathouse by the locals in a response to its colour and material.


When was the project completed? How long did it take?


Who was involved?

Ben Mounford, Mark Petley, Emilie Suen, Stephen Corns

Can you tell us a bit about the design process?


What is special about this project?

Low tech passive solar design, permaculture design, rainwater use.

How did the local context inspire your work?

We were inspired by Industrial forms to which we applied a domestic cladding to create an interesting contribution to the streetscape.

What are your favourite local buildings?

Inglewood post office ‘interwar functionalism’


All images by Stephen Nicholls Photographer