Chris Nixon


Chris Nixon


Melville / @nixoncreative

I’m an artist, designer and creative director from Perth, creating artwork in commercial illustration and design, children’s books, public artwork, and animation.
My interest lies in creating authentic artworks with real meaning, drawing inspiration from my own interests of the natural world, classic surf culture, the handcrafted and coastal living. I treat each project as an opportunity to learn and grow, either through collaboration or through extending my own creativity to develop custom solutions to solve the brief.

What inspires you? Where do you look for inspiration?

I’m inspired by the west coast and classic surf culture, which finds its way into almost everything I do, whether it’s the colour palette or textured approach. I also draw a lot of inspiration from the natural world as it’s where I like to spend most of my time outside of work, but I combine this with a love of architecture and the built form, so the relationship between natural and developed is a recurring influence in my work. I like to absorb as much from my interests as possible and integrate this in my work through food and cooking, photography, music, and literature to chase a visual aesthetic that I’ve been chasing forever.

Sometimes I feel like I’m right on it and other times it’s more of a grind, but it’s pretty much what keeps me motivated to create work that

I’m really proud of and work that keeps me challenged. Above all though, I’m most inspired by others who are passionate about their craft and push their work to be innovative in their chosen field, which drives me to do the same.What current projects are you working on?I’m working on a few interesting new fit-outs for bars and cafes and

I’m working with a brewery for fit-out and some new labels which is great to combine a few interests. I’m also installing a feature public artwork for the new Perth Stadium which has been an exciting challenge.

What is special about this project?

It’s a chance to collaborate with some good friends who I really respect at the top of their crafts. It’s been great to direct a team to create an installation combining the sculptural form, audio, and animated lighting to learn from all involved and develop a completely new skill set in the process.

Where is your favourite hometown spot?

The Cott reefs - the coastline from Leighton to Cott is my perfect spot, particularly for an arvo surf and a beer or coffee up on the cliffs to watch the sunset afterwards.

What should we expect to see from you in the future?

I’ve been directing an animated series based on my children book series so hopefully, that will be out soon. In that space, I’m also writing and illustrating my first book which I’m excited to share. Otherwise more public artworks and interesting projects combining new technology and collaborating with passionate people and brands. One day I’d like to put on a solo show, but I feel like that’s a way off - collecting a body of work and style that captures me and my vision.

Images by Sam Price, JP Horre,  and Chris Nixon