Hailey Sims


Hailey Sims


 Riverton, Perth

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Oh my where to start. Well, I am actually from Busselton and moved to Perth in early 2010 to study at Central Institute of Technology. After I finished my Advanced Diploma there, I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do as I had focused so hard on graduating I didn’t stop to think about what I wanted to do after. I decided I wasn’t quite 100% happy with my folio and wasn’t a true reflection of myself so I decided to go to Curtin for a year. It was here that I developed my love for hand lettering and began integrating this style into my branding and identity. It was also here that I developed a passion for helping the Perth Design Community, I really wanted to help up and coming students break into the industry. So currently I am working Part time as the graphic design at Racing and Wagering Western Australia, I have my own studio Hailey Sims Designs, I am on the AGDA WA Council (Australian Graphic Design Association) and I am the Perth Coordinator for The Design Kids (TDK). With the help of my lovely co-hosts Hannah Sorrell and Hayley Meyer, TDK works with design students and new graduates, offering them industry knowledge, exposure, and opportunities to the creative industry.

What inspires you? Where do you look for inspiration?

Everything around me is my inspiration. I love going for walks to look at different patterns and textures around Perth. However, my main source of inspiration is from the Perth Design community. I love to see what others are doing, going to their exhibitions, checking out their work on websites or in books. Seeing the unique things that the designers of Perth can produce definitely inspires me to push my work to the next level.

What current projects are you working on?

Too many haha, I am doing a lot of Branding and Identity projects of late which makes me feel that maybe I should specialise in it.

-          I have just finished a custom lettering identity for a barber shop

-           I am designing a website for a business called Let’s Walk that sells dog leads and harnesses, which I designed the Identity for too.

-          Creating flyers and signage for a down south business called Kaluka Creative that specialises in succulent and cactus garden home décor

-          An Identity design for a music company called Mooi Muisc which is a boutique music booking agency

-          An identity design for a new cake decorating small business

What is special about this project?

Well, all of these identities have and will be custom made using my hand lettering style and approach to how I go about creating an identity. This means the businesses I am working with stand out from their competitors and their identity is special and unique only to them.

Where is your favourite hometown spot?

The local Swimming pool outside at night. I use to be a competitive swimmer, so the leisure center in Busselton was basically my second home. At night we would train in the outdoor pool, there was something truly special about being out there swimming. Swimming is still a huge part of my life. As well as being amazingly good for you, it’s a time where I reflect on the day and think clearly about projects I have in mind. Some of my best ideas have come from just going for a swim and not designing at all.

What should we expect to see from you in the future?

I have a lot of big plans. At the moment my current folio reflects who I was at uni which was about 3 years ago now. I haven’t shared a lot of work I have done since then. So later perhaps early next year I will be releasing a new brand identity, a new me which will showcase a lot of work I have completed since graduating. Really excited about the next stage of Hailey Sims Designs.