Historic Heart of Perth: #PotPlantUprising


Historic Heart of Perth: #potplantuprising


Perth’s east end

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Perth’s east end is getting revitalised and rejuvenated thanks to Historic Heart of Perth Inc!
This non-profit organisation, established last year, is shining a light on the history and community of a part of our city that had been overlooked and forgotten.

Using urban activation projects and drawing on local inspiration, Historic Heart is taking big strides toward reestablishing the area as a neighborhood with a strong sense of identity and even stronger sense of place.

The first project?
A planter box art installation, or the #potplantuprising

“At the Perth City Summit organised by John Carey MLA earlier this year to discuss the lack of activity in some areas of Perth, local businesses talked about the amount of red tape required to get an approval for a pot plant or bench in front of their store” explained Sandy Anghie, Historic Heart Project Manager, “The most popular hashtag for the day: #potplantuprising.”

The completion of Historic Heart’s first art project sees 65 planter boxes installed throughout Perth’s east end featuring work by WA artists and planted with WA natives.

“The painted surfaces of the planter boxes and benches act as street-level visual activation. Clustering the planter boxes into groups for particular artists ensures a rhythmic pattern of visuals that meaningfully create sight-lines or art pathways within the area” said Margaret Moore, Historic Heart Art Curator.

Explore the planter boxes now and reacquaint yourself with Perth’s east end – the Historic Heart of Perth.

For more information on what Historic Heart of Perth Inc is doing head to historicheart.com or follow Historic Heart of Perth on Facebook and Instagram

All images by Dion Robeson