Kuan Jia

Where are you based?

Perth, Australia and my hometown Qingdao in China.

Website/ Social Media addresses

jiiakuann.tumblr.com / @jiiakuan

Tell us about yourself

Hello! I work as a fashion illustrator which as an occupation is being more acknowledged on Instagram in recent years. When I’m not working on general commissions, I still enjoy to interpret specific runway looks from my own perspective, often I would create a narrative and let the characters express emotion through the garments illustrated. My work has been published in GQ China, GQ India, L’Officiel Hommes China, Elle Men China, Modern Weekly China, Harper’s Bazaar China, Novembre and Menswear Illustration by Richard Kilroy.

What inspires you? Where do you look for inspiration?

Any subject that is visually stimulating: the composition arrangement of elements presented; coordinated or clashing colour palettes; narrative and associated context and even in-depth cultural reference.

The two essential source of inspiration come from fashion photography and cinema. It has become a daily routine for me to browse imagery from as many media platforms as I could be exposed to and when I ‘like’ the picture I’m constantly collecting and updating the mood board gallery for future reference. I used to compulsively pause the film while watching it just to save multiple screens captures the beauty in the particular frame, so I could interpret from my own perspective in the artwork. The approach helps to establish, if not 100% efficient and accurate, an image search engine from memory.

What current projects are you working on?

An editorial in which fashion photography is in juxtaposition with illustration to introduce new generation of Chinese fashion designers.

Poster design for an influential local dance party.

What is special about this project?

To prepare for the editorial image project I have the opportunity and access to a insightful look into the emerging youth talents representing bright fashion visionary from China. Also there is the thrilling possibility to have the final completed artwork printed and displayed at pop-up store in Shanghai next month.

The second project arrives after a well-worth wait in anticipation similar to that before the party announcement released every month. I cannot think of a better way than to create a piece for the event to show my gratitude for all the euphoric sensation dancing in the crowd lost as oneself but simultaneously moved into an entity in the throbbing beats.

Where is your favourite hometown spot?

Old town suburb near the beach where a great many of architectures were built in early 20th century referencing Western style.
Night market that is boisterous all year around.
The beach where you come across groups of mature-age lady swimmers in stylish facekinis.

What should we expect to see from you in the future?

At my solo exhibition which will renowned to be a sold-out show in town of the year, hopefully.

Be skillful and content in home gardening.

To establish a professional dog talent agency.

To operate an Instagram account with more than 10K followers worth of influence.