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By Shannon Malone is the eponymous label of Western Australian designer, Shannon Malone. By Shannon model is clothing that are versatile, timeless staples for the distinctive, modern being who eschews trends for timeless self-expression. Universal Daywear is at the core of the brand, an approach to clothes that strives towards embracing the realities of the modern being by proposing 'fit' over traditional sizing. The result? A universally versatile uniform for those who find work and play coexist in everything they do.

How and when did your label begin?

June 2016

Who is involved?

Everyone who has ever given me advice, attended an event, followed me on social media or bought clothes. Too many people to list! In the day to day operations, I'm a team of one - just me!

Where do you find inspiration?  Are there any local sources?

My community of entrepreneurial, artistic and passionate friends is inspiring.

Perth is seen as an emerging city, particularly for creative industries - do you feel like there are more opportunities in WA right now?

This city can feel limiting, especially for small businesses in creative industries, but there is endless opportunity to push existing boundaries (or create new ones) and be innovative with what is readily available. I remember hearing someone saying that New Zealanders are extremely resilient, hardworking and resourceful people because of their geography – I really feel this should be applied to Western Australians and we should all think like this.

What is your label known for?

Quality fabrics and construction. Minimal shapes. Comfort.

Where is your favourite hometown spot?

Morning Hyde Park walks. Daphne Cafè in Northbridge. Driving North. 

What are your favourite local buildings?

The Treasury Building is a delight to spend time in.

What is the best thing about being involved in the design industry?

Constantly learning about various fields and looking to other practices for information and inspiration in order to inform creative decisions in my position. Talking to people from all industries is very inspiring and we should all be doing it.

What should we expect to see from your label in the future?

 It’s a really exciting time for By Shannon Malone; I’m about to release everyone’s favourite style in a new Summer fabric just for the holiday season. I’m also working with Melbourne’s Ken the label for the first time in Perth – they’ve never been available here and I know everyone is going to love it as much as I do.

Their lingerie and loungewear are understated, comfortable and confident and will quickly become foundation pieces to a Universal Daywear wardrobe. This will be available at The Dressing Room, and you’ll have to go to my website to find out who the other three makers are in this series! I’m also building a community of my customers and I’m calling it Universal Daywear Club. Everyone has the chance to tell me about themselves and their wardrobe and we’ll be profiling club members on the website.

Kanye or Jay Z?

Kayne because Teyana Taylor.

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