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Hickey Hardware is Sport/Resort wear for all genders in comfort cuts, flamboyant prints and relaxing colours. Versatile garments with longevity. Feel like you’re in PJs all day, because a comfy body houses a sharp mind. Wear our unisex Party Up Pants and Cruise Shirts to breakfast or the board room. Take the same Kimono from the pillow, to the office, to the wedding. Take a hike or sleep tight in overalls. Share ur clothes with friends and lovers of all body types… play with prints and feel special.

How and when did your label begin?

I’ve always wanted to make clothes, and I rediscovered the fun of painting and sewing a couple of years ago. My best bud and I found $600 cash on the floor of the pub around then and she was working on her resort label,‘ PET’ In Bali. We decided to buy 2 airfares and she took me on a design trip and showed me around the industry there. The trip inspired me to dive in and make something fun, incorporating my refreshed love for painting and illustrating. I started designing clothes which fit and flatter a range of body types and as a size 12 myself, I want more clothes that properly fit my body type, so I make all the samples to fit me first.

Who is involved?

I design and run the business solo and work with two small Family-run workshops in Bali to print and sew. I shoot all the images with good mates as models who are also incredible sounding walls. I just made a Collection with Kirin J Callinan so we bounced ideas back n forth to design that, lots of fun. I also have wonderful stockists being Periscope and Eclectic Ladyland, and those ladies have so much experience and taste so their guidance is invaluable.

Where do you find inspiration? Are there any local sources?

The coast, snorkeling, Prince, my friends and fun artists of all disciplines.  

I did a lot of the paintings for my prints when staying in Point Peron at my family’s beach shack. There were communities of basic beach huts built for the families of War Veterans and Public Servants in the 60s. It's a quiet fishing bay full of pelicans and stingrays hanging in the shallow water at sunset and was very much my happy place. Unfortunately, the last state government evicted the tenants of that area late last year with views to build a marina estate with an excavation 6 times the size of Elizabeth Quay… which would be an environmental disaster for the area, so I hope that won’t happen now. I have so many fond memories.

Perth is seen as an emerging city, particularly for creative industries - do you feel like there are more opportunities in WA right now?

I think its great that there is a new wave of hotel, bar/restaurant owners and retailers who are getting the value of having local artists involved in their décor designs or merchandising. Sure there are 1% art obligations in some building projects which helps, but I think a lot more business are choosing to spend the money on local artists and some are paying artists pretty well, which is great because so often the market for emerging art, is other artists.

What do you think makes designing in Western Australia unique?

The seasons are so mild I don’t feel the need to divide the collections into seasons. I like the idea of pieces being worn all year round. My winter scarves are sarongs come summer time.

What is your label known for?

Comfortable, expressive, mostly unisex wear in original prints and Indonesian Batiks. The Party Up pants are the perfect unisex pant, and the Cruise Shirts and Kimonos are for everyone too.

Where is your favourite hometown spot?

In the summer its Port Beach, South Beach, or City Beach if I feel like waves. Winter is for kitchens and lounge rooms with good company… or heading to the hills to wander around. John Forest National Park is probably my favourite.

What are your favourite local buildings?

The Paganin house in Floreat was my dream. I took some visiting friends to show them one day and discovered it burnt down. I hope the rumours are true and there are plans to rebuild it close to the original. Also, my friend David Weir (a very talented young Architect) designed a small footprint house called the Exploding Shed House, which I found so inspiring and innovative in the use of small spaces and cleverly defining areas within that space whilst still keeping it very open. I’ll have one of those with a sunken lounge and rooftop terrace thanks David!

What is the best thing about being involved in the design industry?

I’m still pretty new to Designing, and its so much fun. I’ve spent many years working in the arts, mostly promoting or producing the work of other awesome artists, so its great to take the time to explore my own creativity with full autonomy.

What should we expect to see from your label in the future?

More prints! And I’ll release my first swimwear line in a few months.

Kanye or Jay Z?

I guess Kanye… Jay Z doesn’t know what he has, Kanye thinks he has the world. They’re both entertaining.