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 ETCH by Design / @etchbydesignstudio

ETCH by design is a design studio based in Melbourne, Australia.

Established by Richelle Doney in 2012, Etch by Design undertakes projects in the areas of interior + textile design.

ETCH by Design works within a collaborative, experiential environment - drawing upon Richelle’s Interior Architecture background in Western Australia, and her experience in textile design and styling.

The studio develops all projects from a varied + interactive knowledge base. Experience in photography, printmaking, graphic design, resin casting and textiles provide an abundance of diverse avenues in which projects are developed.

ETCH by Design draws it philosophy from the endless possibilities of design, and an intrigue in all aspects of living - the interior, adornment and expression, and the new processes and materials advancing creative output.

Through process-driven design and experimentation with materials, the studio provides a variety of different design solutions for a multitude of scales.  The studio’s approach to design balances innovation and experimentation, strongly influenced by materiality and location.

Spaces are balanced with custom-design and sourcing of original fittings and furniture.

Our philosophy is to not follow trends, rather tailor each brief to the individual needs and expectations of our clients. Exploring the intersection between art, textiles, interior and the built environment, we understand the inherent properties of material and strike a balance between tradition and innovation.

How and when did your studio begin?

2012 - As a result of being awarded the 2012 Melbourne Design Award for Surface + Textile Design for Interiors.

“With an eye for design and detail, and an enthusiasm for contemporary homewares and textiles, in 2012 Melbourne-based textile and interior designer Richelle Doney launched Etch by Design with her signature ‘modelis’ range of textile prints. Richelle brings her knowledge of architecture, styling, fine art, and passion for printed fabrics and surfaces to all Etch by Design projects”

Who is involved (key people and people numbers)?

Studio of 1 – Founding Director Richelle Doney
Depending upon project requirements and scope collaborations with other industry professionals is also an option.

Where do you find inspiration for studio?  Are there any local ones?

Inspired by my multidisciplinary existence – one week can see me assisting with floral styling, academic writing, undertaking research, planning interior decoration schemes, designing a new fit out + project management an emerging label. Never a dull moment! Creativity at all scales from the macro to the micro.

 ETCH by Design undertakes methods of designing and styling interiors based on both aesthetic connections as well as an experimental approach.  The studio strives in its projects to improve the environments that people occupy through the integration of both the visual and tactile senses. The resulting interiors are both functionally driven, but also sensitive to the qualitative differences between materials.

Perth is seen as an emerging city, particularly for creative industries - do you feel like there are more opportunities in WA right now?

Most definitely – every time I come back after living in Melbourne for the past 6 years the urban landscape has grown, innovative creatives have collaborated and the city, in general, is being re-activated.

What do you think makes working in Western Australia unique?

The inspiring + diverse natural landscape and colours.
The implied ‘isolation’, and the vast difference in quality of light.

What kind of projects is the studio known for?

Textiles / print  - iconically the ‘modelis’ range

What should we expect to see from the studio in the future?

New processes and materials continue to inform our creative work:

1. Currently, we have been developing a range of homewares informed by our 2015 WA Exhibition as part of ‘Still Life’ titled ‘Wanderers’ which has allowed us to reinterpret forms and surface textures.

2. Completion of some small Residential. fit-outs in WA – a 1970’s beauty – inside and out!

3. Collaborating with my mining engineer brother – a project has been simmering away since 2014 – and is due to launch in the coming this space...