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Kim Thornton-Smith, Partner for Geyer Design said:

“We’re thrilled with the outcome of Geyer’s Perth studio hub design, it’s a collaborative space where we can bring our clients and suppliers and immerse them in our creative culture.
It’s often said that good friends enter your home through the kitchen door and so it is with the new Geyer studio. Visitors arrive directly into a welcoming, relaxing space for socializing , eating and drinking.”

Perth is seen as an emerging city, particularly for creative industries - do you feel like there are more opportunities in WA right now? 

“The diversity of Interiors work in Perth has opened up and we are more often fusing workplace with education and hospitality and retail sectors.

We have a holistic approach when it comes to design and we believe in partnering with likeminded companies who have the capacity to enrich outcomes for our clients."

What do you think makes working in Western Australia unique? 

"Being away from the “white noise” of the main population centers of Australia is a privileged position. It allows us to objectively observe the region for opportunity. 
We also vertically integrate our work into Asia with the proximity and timeline."

What kind of projects is the studio known for?
"Geyer Perth is known for well detailed large scale corporate projects in the main, such as South 32 and HBF, backed up with sound workplace strategy, also being agile and multi-skilled enough to exercise our abilities in Retail, Hospitality and Education . 
Many of our designers are also skilled in Furniture and Product design."

What should we expect to see from the studio in the future? 

"Into the future, Geyer is focused on the further application of advanced thinking and intelligence in new spatial solutions supporting human endeavors and experiences."

Rebecca Warger