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East Fremantle, WA

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Originally from Oxfordshire, United Kingdom I am now based in Fremantle, Western Australia and I operate as a sole trader in interior architectural design for the residential design market.

I graduated from Demontfort University, UK in Interior Architecture in 2000. Following many years of working in the design industry both in London and in Western Australia, I established Turner Interior design in February 2013. I have now gained over 17 years of experience in the design industry spending the early part of her career in London working in hotel design for large-scale projects around the world which has been the best part of my early career, learning so much from it along the way. I also spent time very early on in my career working in retail design, and public space design which included Dubai airport and have now spent most of my career working in residential design with architectural firms here in Western Australia, working from new builds to renovations.
Following this experience I gained extensive knowledge of design specification, finishes properties, lighting design, detail, documentation and space planning as well as working with trades, visiting site during the construction process.

The work I do now with my business specialises predominantly in the residential design market with focus on home renovations and alterations and includes loose furniture design as well as the cabinetry design. With a love of our natural surroundings, a passion for quality in design detail and a huge love and respect for animals I aim to focus my work on ethical and sustainable design preferring to source building products and furnishings that come from fair trade and nonanimal sourced materials.

Alongside working as a freelance designer I'm also occasionally involved in lecturing at Curtin University in Interior Architecture.

What inspires you? Where do you look for inspiration?

Mostly nature, minimalism, and detail.  I very much see the beauty in natural and simple objects and spaces, architecture and all other aspects of design and art.  This includes the light and orientation of a space, connecting our spaces to the natural world and keeping things simple. 

The most beautiful things in nature are the most simple and when seen close up and in detail can take you into another place of interest. For example, the detail of feathers, colour etc. in a bird is incredible when seen close up but the overall is simple and symmetrical with focus on the shape. I think all successfully designed objects, spaces and also other creative genres like fashion design,  music, and cinematography, theatre etc. in my view works well when following a similar structure, beautifully detailed yet simple and finished well.
I think this is all about quality and care put into the art.

What current projects are you working on?

Currently, I have a couple of full home renovations on site near completion in Perth and Nedlands.  I 'm also working on an apartment renovation in Crawley about to start construction and some bathroom and kitchen renovations in Shenton Park and Mount Lawley. 

What is special about this project?

All of my current projects are renovations of older homes, (Late 1890's and 1960's etc.) I enjoy making good of something existing and working with its original charm by contrasting the new and highlighting the old.

Where is your favourite hometown spot?

If we refer to my current hometown it would be where I'm based in East Fremantle, while in WA I like to be by the river or ocean and I love the old part of Fremantle. Other than this home would be where I'm originally from in the Cotwolds, UK. I appreciate old character and charm but also look back fondly at my old stomping ground in London, Butlers Wharf on the Thames where I walked by Tower bridge and the Design Museum every day on route to work, this was always one of my favourite spots to be!

What should we expect to see from you in the future?

I hope to be working on more exciting home renovation design with project that open potential for stepping outside of the box, you can never run out of ideas you just need new personalities to reflect in homes that are lived in!

Images by Carla Atley Creative & Orchid Architectural Photography