Flux Co-working Space

Project Team

Attic Salt (Sam Payne and Gabrielle Scott) Design and Direction

IA Group (documentation)


191 St Georges Tce, Perth

Atticsalt.com.au / @attic_salt_

What inspired the design? Where do you look for inspiration?

The design was inspired by the spaces former uses. There was a dry cleaner and bar in the basement, which were set amongst the existing brick, arches (which have now featured as walls to the meeting rooms) and both had very dark, damp interiors. We wanted to re-use and integrate these features where possible as they create nice points of interest, which are unique to the space.

Can you tell us a bit about the design process?

In the schematic design phase involved spending a lot of time in lobbys and and other office fitouts in and around the CBD, we noticed there was a lot of the same patterns in design which were no longer working, so we gathered our research and used it as constraints to help up create a more thought out, convivial environment.

What were some of the key materials?

  • Orientated strand board for some of the cabinetry and pods
  • Mild steel for shelving and splashbacks

  • Custom imagery carpets for the meeting rooms

  • Rubber studded flooring to the basement

 How important is material and colour selection to the project?

Colour is a very important thing for us, so often everything is shades of grey but colour is expressive and can be subtle or loud, it’s also cheap. We used light colours on the ceilings in the basement and got darker as we went up to level 1. We used bright pops of colour to designate meeting rooms / meeting pods and kept work spaces more toned down, allowing users to customize their space to suit how they like their work environment.

What is special about this project?

Each project has its own special quirks but for us what’s special is the uniqueness of each space and the feelings that are created by that.

All images by Dion Robeson