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Perth CBD

In the spirit of traditional Australian hospitality, all friends enter the house through the kitchen door and in this space the discourse of daily life is principally enacted, filtering through to other supporting spaces. Geyer’s new home in Perth’s iconic 1857 Cloister’s Building boldly applies this metaphor in its design.

Arrival is via an intimate jarrah staircase which erupts into a voluminous central kitchen space marked by the presence of a super-length communal table. The activity of the studio is immediately evident, visitors and guests are immediately lulled into a relaxed state.

The interior is an intentional counterpoint to the colonial Brick Bond façade and beautifully demonstrates the continual adaptive reuse of Heritage Structures.

Geyer’s studio works as a dynamic incubator for new forms of working. Individual workpoints have been reduced in footprint and are 100% sit-stand. Work-settings that bring people together dominate the space with a diversity of places where people can achieve quick, high quality design outputs.

The overall design focusses on staff health and wellbeing. Windows can open allowing fresh air and connection to the vitality of the city, work surfaces are height adjustable, energy efficient LED lighting is augmented with great natural light. Spaces which support physical, cognitive and emotional needs are carefully planned.

Staying true to the Cloister’s schoolhouse origins, meeting rooms feature chalk board walls for spontaneous visual communication. The chalk board idea is further leveraged in the design studio with a series of sliding whiteboards over pinnable surfaces; vital tools in design thinking, co-creation workshops and the mentoring of new Geyer team members.

The firm’s philosophy of reusing furniture originally selected with longevity and function in mind ensured that costs were kept down

The final design combines clever usage of space, advanced technologies for instantaneous connection between Geyer’s global studios, but most importantly a meet and greet kitchen space where clients are welcomed and entertained, workshops are held, coffee is made, lunch is had, knowledge is shared, informal gatherings are spontaneously formed and the pulse of studio life is experienced by everyone connected to the Geyer community.

All images by Dion Robeson