HBF Headquarters


HBF Headquarters, Perth CBD


Kings Square, Perth

Project Team

Kim Thornton-Smith

Olivia McMorrow

Josette Porter

Jessica Green

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Mario Murphy, Strategic Premises Manager, HBF Perth:

“The collaborative design incorporates a flexible working environment that has been completely embraced by our employees. The design has not only helped retain current employees, but it is an excellent attraction proposition for new talent to HBF. The new head office is a reflection of HBF’s brand and culture, and will be the place we achieve our vision in the future.”

DesignWA spoke with Jess Green, Designer, Geyer:

What inspired the design? Where do you look for inspiration?

Every design decision was led by HBF’s key guiding vision for their new headquarters – to create an inspiring environment centered around wellbeing, a space that encourages, promotes and showcases everyday movement. The workplace is dedicated to having staff members lead by example when it comes to wellness, by creating a space where employees are renowned for being the ultimate happy and healthy people.

Can you tell us a bit about the design process?

The design process was a holistic response to the brief including workplace strategy, design, documentation and change management. A key part of the process was the workshops undertaken by business leaders in the design briefing stage. Here we obtained valuable insights into the company and a deeper understanding of what drives HBF as a business, brand and culture. The outcomes from the workshops provided the client and consultant teams with a common focused goal. With a dedication to creating the ultimately healthy working environment and retaining the best HBF people, the project responded through the idea that workplaces can transform individual thinking and in turn the broader community, encouraging wellbeing though everyday immersion.

What were some of the key materials?

Drawing inspiration from the West Australian environment, Biophilia and Natural Architectural influences the material palette is comprised of elements of colour, texture, pattern, tone, interpreted through form and materiality, and balanced in scale and proportion to create the contrast and harmony essential to an inviting, healthy and stimulating workplace. The carpet selected for example was chosen for its ability to filter air and capture fine dust particles for improved indoor air quality, plants are also dispersed throughout working floors to achieve the same premise and add visual environmental cues.

How important is material and colour selection to the project?

It was important that the material palette reflected HBF’s vision of creating an environment that is nurturing and promotes physical and mental well-being for healthier everyday living. Being a West Australian business it was important to link a WA inspired colour and material palette back to the HBF brand. A strikingly diverse landscape, WA’s light, clarity and diversity influenced the various colour clusters and the potential for a rich colour palette. For the open working environment, the colours have a functional role in way-finding and providing visual diversity. The palette is expressed through subtle variance in colour personality to the vertical surface and loose furniture as people move from one neighborhood to the next.

What is special about this project?

HBF’s dedication to a healthy workplace lifestyle that is relationship focused. The inclusion of an internal stair directly connects all eight working floors, encouraging movement and improving internal connectivity between staff. All workstations including reception are 100% motorised sit-stand. Standing meeting spaces, active walls for impromptu standing meetings alongside accessible group exercise spaces reflect HBF’s commitment to their staff achieving their wellness goals. Each floor has a central breakout area adjacent to the stair and informal meeting areas, encouraging HBF staff to connect socially, facilitating a sense of belonging, and promoting healthy relationships. Representing ‘the heart’ of HBF is the introduction of a central feature breakout area on a dedicated floor, providing a variety of places which encourage personal and professional connection. The truly special aspect of this project is how the design has been embraced by HBF employees. A HBF post-move survey reported results that over 40% of employees feel more inspired, active and energetic. The project has exceeded expectations and its occupants and visitors are experiencing the holistic benefits.

All images by Joel Barbitta