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12 Victoria Avenue, Perth CBD

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Hula Bula is Perth’s premier rum den and tiki bar, adorned in lost treasures from across the seven seas. The bars main focus is on rum and rum based cocktails, with over 170 rare and exotic rums, a generous selection of listed cocktails and your basics like beer, cider and wine. Known for it’s kitsch style, eclectic music and great service, the bar is entering it’s tenth year of serving the people of Perth.

When did you open the doors to your venue?

The Hula Bula Bar first opened its doors late in 2005.

Who is involved?

The original masterminds and creators were Josh Collins and his wife Babz, who came up with the designs and were the main parties responsible for it’s early and prolonged success. Over the years a wealth of managers and excellent staff have all left their mark on the place, leaving it better than before and passing on their knowledge and experience to the next crew. In 2012 the bar was sold to Jook Joint Pty Ltd who continue to upgrade, improve and inspire the bar, which is a local favourite of Perth and still entertaining hoardes of new guests weekly.

What inspired Hula Bula?

The inspiration for the original owners came from the Tiki sub-cultre that emanated from America, especially California and LA in particular, which was brought about by the return of servicemen from the world wars from extotic and tropical lands. They came back with an Island mentality, and a love of rum. When the bar was built and opened, nothing in Perth could boast such a unique and expansive escape from the concrete jungle of the city.

What is Hula Bula known for?

We are best known for crazy cocktails with incredible garnishes, having some of the best rum in town and and generally showing our punters a great time in a wicked looking bar.

What is the best thing about Hula Bula?

The best thing about the Hula Bula Bar would be the excellent rum selection, including some seriously rare stuff found nowhere else in Perth.

How important has the quality of design been to establishing the identity/ atmosphere of this venue?

The design was absolutely crucial to the execution of the Hula Bula Bar. This bar has been built in a certain style, Tiki, which already sets it up to compete with some legendary venues from around the world, some of them open and operating since the’ 60’s, so the details and vibe of the place had to be up to standard.

Perth is seen as an emerging city, especially in recent years with an increase in more interesting bars, cafes, restaurants and shops – do you feel like there are more opportunities in WA right now?

I feel it is much easier to get a license for a new venue in Perth now, but with such a saturdated market any venue or shop thinking of opening needs to go above and beyond what is already available and offer something no one else is doing/ There has been a massive increase in options for the punters, with the same amount of punters spread thin across the town.

What do you think makes living and working in Western Australia special?

For being such an isolated city some of the most creative and hard-working people I know in arts, music and craft have emerged here, that has got to say something about our collective creativity and motivation, doesn’t it?

Where is your favourite hometown spot?

I’m a sucker for Ezra Pound, when I’m not hanging out at work.

What are your favourite local buildings?

I loved the old WA Museum before they demolished it, but in terms of venue layout I really think Clarence’s on Beaufort Street nailed it perfectly for the style of bar they built.

What should we expect to see from you in the future?

Hopefully many more pumping weekends and a bigger selection of rum. We are also working towards a more dynamic cocktail and drinks menu, where we can offer seasonal delights and special deals whenever the opportunity arises and just keep things interesting for both the staff and customers.

Beer, wine or cocktail?

Beer, rum, and Daiquiris.