Stable Hands Coffee Roasters


Stable Hands Coffee Roasters


8 Bannister Street, Fremantle

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When did the doors open to the venue?

Operations kicked off on Saturday 9th July 2016, almost 2 years after the concept was first imagined; it was a long time coming but totally worth the wait.

Who was involved?

Stable Hands is yet another venture by the team behind Uptown Cott and the former Velvet Café – brothers Anthony and Phillip Arnold with their exceptional team in the kitchen and behind the coffee machine.

Design: AJCD

What is the venue known for?

The killer coffee and a menu that is really unique.
The incredible chef, Maya Hope, uses a lot of really unusual elements and techniques, employing a lot of native Australian ingredients and there is always have an amazing array of homemade pastries.

Currently working on getting a liquor license to commence evening service which is exciting and very soon there will be coffee beans roasting on site – the roaster is going to be a central element within the café so that visitors can watch the action while they enjoy a meal or coffee - so it will soon be known for an amazing signature house blend!

Also, at the moment there is a lot of positive feedback relating to the overall aesthetic and vibe of the space across social media as well which is really lovely.

Who designed the space?

AJCD are the creative minds behind the fit out.

There was a really clear vision for the space from the very beginning – to retain and highlight the heritage bones of the old stables, to embrace the ethereal natural light and create a really clean, contemporary, light aesthetic in contrast with the rustic, heavy textures of the existing building.

How important has the quality of design been to establishing the identity/ atmosphere of the venue?

The design has been integral in creating the café’s personality and warm ambiance.

The building had been previously fitted out as an office but had been gutted when AJCD first came on board – it was dark with dirt floors and missing walls – the bones of the building had to be repaired to commence the creation of the stunning, airy, crisp venue.

It is quite a large space, so the manner in which the café’s layout has been considered provides an array of seating options for our patrons, effectively dividing the large space into smaller, cozier ‘zones’ whilst simultaneously maintaining an open, interconnected atmosphere.

There are so many subtle, custom details that have been designed into the fit-out which are functional as well as beautiful, have been executed with such precision and masterful skill – there is something new to discover in every corner.

Beer, wine or cocktail?

Gin and Tonic all the way!

All images by Lajos John Varga

Rebecca Warger