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Strange Company is a small bar in Fremantle’s west end precinct within an existing building; an unremarkable brick and tin shed C1950.

Our conceptual approach was to treat the existing shed as background, suspending a new timber ceiling element from the existing steel structure as a f oreground to create a warm, intimate atmosphere. The manipulation of the suspended ceiling, as it compresses and releases, provides the drama of varied spatial qualities within the open plan bar, defining different zones and offering occasional surprises.

The existing building is built to the boundary on all sides with no windows except to the street, introducing daylight into the plan was critical to making a space that would transition between day and night. During the day the interior walls are washed with natural light from above and bamboo planting below creates the impression of a garden courtyard at the rear that draws people into the space. At night low-level lighting creates a different atmosphere.

Custom designed furniture characterises each area: on one side the large table offers a convivial, communal experience; the front courtyard provides outdoor seating; the tall tables and stools are a more lively combination of sitting and standing that can be configured to suit various sized groups; while the lounge area, nestled into a bamboo garden, is illuminated by dramatic light funnels in the ceiling. It is possible to have a completely different experience of the space depending on where you sit.