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The Mantle


1 James Street, Fremantle // @the_mantle_fremantle // The Mantle

The Mantle is a hub of activity in the East End of Fremantle with a focus on hospitality, arts and recreation. Housing several restaurants; Don Tapa

(South American Cusine), Alter Ego Bar (Craft Cocktail Bar), Magna Pizza (traditional Italian Pizza) and pop-up restaurants out of The

Kitchen @ The Mantle. The Kitchen @ The Mantle is a commercial kitchen that can be rented by the hour for prepping food, pop-up restaurants, and events. Collabor8 is flexible space that can be rented for various uses such as hot desk, workshops, yoga classes, art studio, and retail. The Mantle offers spaces at reasonable rates and spaces/restaurants come fitted out meaning people can start up a business with minimal outlay, reduced risks and hence The Mantle is a bit of an incubator for businesses, in particular, hospitality businesses.

When did you open the doors to your venue?

 September 2014

Who is involved?

 Irene Polo and Anatoly Mezhov from Future Cities delivered the project from concept to planning, approvals, construction, marketing, and operations.

What inspired you to open your venue?

Opportunity to activate an underutilized heritage warehouse, provide opportunity for people to start up restaurants and hospitality based businesses, provide a gourmet food and drinks offer to consumers at reasonable pricing.

What is your venue known for?

 Innovation, great food, excellent service, opportunity, fit-out.

What is the best thing about your venue?

 People can come in and go on a bit of a food journey; experiencing different cuisines in restaurant and bar settings with great customer service.

Who designed your venue?

 Irene Polo and Anatoly Mezhov (Future Cities).

How important has the quality of design been to establishing the identity/ atmosphere of your venue?

Attention to detail; loads of detail and creative use of materials, separation of venues and creating different identities for restaurants and bar. People feel like The Mantle has been there forever; the feeling is cozy and comfortable for customers.

Perth is seen as an emerging city, especially in recent years with an increase in more interesting bars, cafes, restaurants, and shops – do you feel like there are more opportunities in WA right now?

There’s definitely opportunities to provide quality, honest, innovative and gourmet food offers. Perth has been deprived of such offers for so long; it still has a long way to go in terms of having such offers and for people to appreciate the offers and develop their pallets and true foodie senses. Whilst there’s loads opening up; to be honest the innovation, quality of food and customer service is questionable.

What do you think makes living and working in Western Australia special?

 Great lifestyle with work, play and nature balance. Loads of opportunity. Challenging to find great resources in the hospitality sector. Expensive to set up and run businesses. All these challenges, however, lead to success through hard work and innovative solutions.

Where is your favourite hometown spot?

 Hometown is Melbourne; favourite spot; one of many great cafes, restaurants, and bars.

What are your favourite local buildings?

The Mantle! Fremantle; west end has old colonial buildings; character, history, culture and style.

What should we expect to see from you in the future?

 Would love to develop a boutique hotel.

Beer, wine or cocktail?

 Cocktail for sheezy! Bermudan Old Fashioned or Lord Picador at Alter Ego Bar are my favourite.