The Lodging


The Lodging (Boutique Guesthouse)

Project Team

Jane Peebles C.D


High Street, Fremantle / @the_lodging / The Lodging

The Lodging occupies an original, late 1800’s heritage listed terrace house built in the Victorian Italianate style. In 2015, it underwent an extensive refurbishment to modernise the interior, injecting contemporary yet classic finishes.

What inspired the design? Where do you look for inspiration?

The age and formality of the building inspired the design – It needed to be dramatic. I immediately knew I wanted the central staircase to be stained jet black! I looked for inspiration in the minimalist interiors of London & New York.

Can you tell us a bit about the design process?

It was long and at times, seemingly counterproductive. We basically had to peel back layers of dated design work (think 90’s bathrooms in ‘federation’ style) to get to the core of this beautiful building.
Once it was stripped, it was easy to see how new colour palettes, textiles and furnishings could transform it.

What were some of the key materials?

Black stained timber, the subway tile, blush coloured velvet and ruby coloured Persian rugs.

How important is material and colour selection to the project?

VERY. Old houses with little natural light can appear harsh and cold if black is overused so I tried not to overdo it.

What is special about this project?

I was given full creative license so it became very personal yet I strived to create a look that would appeal to a variety of demographics.

We didn’t know exactly who the clientele would be so it needed to capture both sexes, 25 and 65 year olds alike…

All images by Dion Robeson