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Ascher Smith Exterior Styling and Landscaping


136 Duke St, Scarborough WA / @ascher_smith

Ascher Smith Exterior Styling and Landscaping is a boutique design studio specializing in exterior styling and landscaping for both residential and commercial properties.

We create functional, sophisticated and enduring spaces, balancing aesthetics with practical design and aim to provide value to both the property and of course, our Clients’ lifestyle.
We offer our clients a very personalized and visual design experience, developing designs alongside them in 3D so that at the end of the process they have a very clear vision of what they are working towards.

Our exterior styling consultations also extend to interior plant styling so that we can create a natural flow between outdoor and interior living spaces.

How and when did your studio/ organisation begin?

Around 12 years ago I began my landscaping career as a landscaper in Broome where I gained the basis for my design qualifications. I developed severe Carpal tunnel in both wrists, to the point I could not work physically with my hands and was told I should not Landscape anymore. I was so passionate about the industry, and not ready to give it up – so I learnt the art of Landscape Design and soon found myself in love with the creative aspect of landscaping
and the myriad of options nature has given us to create beautiful outdoor spaces. Immersed in the Australian Landscape, I was intrigued at how greatly it can vary even over a few hours drive. It’s similar to how I view my clients’ gardens.

 Each one is completely different to the next.

Who is involved?

We have always been a small boutique company, and for a long time, Ascher Smith Design was literally myself, Ascher Smith. With the growing demand for design work, it was clear that the team needed to grow, and as the name and face behind the brand, it was a challenge to get my head around finding an assistant that could help - I wasn’t exactly sure how to teach what just seemed to come very naturally to me. I was put in touch with a wonderful lady Kylie Brinfield,
who was also a working mother & keen designer. The process was very organic as we both knew that the idea was to create a role for her within our company that didn’t exist before. I now rely on having her work along side me with her broad depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for designing gardens.
Our construction team is lead by my Husband Dylan, with his keen eye for detail and quality finishes. As we have grown, we have been determined to keep our boutique high-quality service so have built a select team of qualified and experienced Landscapers that construct and install the gardens I design. We are a passionate bunch and all love the gardens we create and the clients we get to meet along the way.

Where do you find inspiration?  Are there any local ones?

As my business matures, I find my gardens are getting simpler. I often use the phrase of ‘Less is More’ and am really trying to honour the timeless elements found in nature. I am often inspired by natural landscapes whether they be desert, coastal or woodlands and find that simplicity is ever more attractive and significant than ever before with our busy lives we lead these days.

Perth is seen as an emerging city, particularly for creative industries - do you feel like there are more opportunities in WA right now?

We are definitely experiencing more call for creative, fresh, quality design – with this expanding demand brings us as Designers the opportunity to experiment and explore new ideas. With the ease of communication and sharing of ideas internationally, we are enjoying the space to be more creative and stretch the boundaries of design. It’s a really exciting time right now.

What do you think makes working in Western Australia unique?

West Australia is full of diversity, from the sub-cultures within to its climates and landscapes. Broadly speaking, we have the blessing of amazing weather, loads of sunshine, fabulous beaches, vast and varying landscapes and all of this brings with it the opportunity to live largely outside. I find the clients I work with truly embrace this and come to me primarily to create an inspiring space outside that they love to live in. We are also emerging as a unique force in design, sourcing inspiration from all over the world, tweaking it and applying it to our unique climate and landscape.

What kind of projects is the studio known for?

We work with both residential and commercial clients, from coastal to hills, to rural – anything with a garden! Our projects show the palette that we work with but essentially we treat each project as a unique and individual unit – this is really important to capture the vision and personality of our Clients. Perths Landscape varies dramatically as do plot sizes and Architectural styles so we need to be flexible.

Where is your favourite hometown spot?

Apart from our own garden, I have a huge penchant for coastal areas in the south west and regularly whisk the family away on holidays to Augusta where we have family. It’s the feeling of escape driving through the countryside and landing in the clear air of the sea, feet in sand, exploring the craggy coastal rock pools with our son. We live by the sea
too which I think influences our work - the sun-bleached sand and timbers contrasting with the green and blue of the sky, sea and vegetation. We also love to immerse ourselves in the forest taking in the huge variety of greens, textures, and foliage and gathering inspiration for our gardens.

What are your favourite local spaces?

It would always be somewhere outdoors close to nature. A space that offers sunshine, greenery and fresh air. These spaces highlight the value of green spaces to our well-being, and I really want our children to be aware of this as they
grow up.

What is the best thing about being involved in the design industry?

In my eyes, there is nothing better than being part of a positive transformation - from something tired to something that inspires and adds value to peoples’ lives.

What should we expect to see from the studio in the future?

We are always exploring new ideas, materials, and finding ways to apply these to keep our designs fresh and timeless.
We are developing unique products such as boutique pool fencing, lighting and source outdoor furnishings to enable us to provide clients with a full design, install and styling package.